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About Me...

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
My name is Made Wedana Adi Putra and my nick name is Made. I live in Bandung, Paris van Java, West Java, Indonesia.

My Why...

Healthy and wealthy life...we all need it.
With Vemma you can make it happen

I was introduced to Vemma by


I made the decision to begin building a business in Vemma because

I need my financial and time freedom

I define success as [[fill in the blank]]; Vemma is helping me achieve it by

helping yourself and helping everyone to be freedom

What do you want to achieve with Vemma?

reach my success and help my family and friend to reach their success

I think what sets the Vemma opportunity apart from others is

the online bussines system very helpful for busy people

Vemma Formula Inside

My Life is:

My Freedom